Why didn't Guillermo want to come on this trip with us?

We must get up at dawn.


Allen has always been there for me.

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I am very sorry you have a cold and are in bed. I played with Dominick today for a little while. I hope by tomorrow you will be able to be up. I am glad today that my cold is better.

How much did you have to drink?

Only college graduates are eligible for this job.

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All right, let's give it a try.

It seems like summer is finally here.

We must leave tomorrow!

I missed you guys so much!

I ought to ask Sonja what he thinks.


Having studied English, I studied math.

Heinrich knows he's really screwed up.

Dirk died a quick death.

Thank you for the beautiful flowers.

I'm stunned.

I'll stop.

For once, Ahmed simply had nothing to say.

A mirror wall in the room creates an illusion of spaciousness.

Although Jean-Christophe is sick, he's swimming again today.

I think it's a little too cold to go on a picnic.

I've got a hunch something might be happening tonight.

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Human stupidity knows no limits.


Everybody gets old.

I want you to meet everyone.

Is there something I'm missing here?

I used to play tennis with him on Sunday.

I guess Mac got our message.

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Rusty has a big house and three cars.


"Is he coming?" "No, I think not."

The soldiers set fire to the barn.

Do you know what would happen if you did that?

Which is your suitcase?

It looks like she made seven mistakes in as many lines.

The maid was totally tired of her household routine.

Why is there a dog in our house?


I'm surprised that Francisco didn't agree with you.


There is an exception to every rule.

I really don't understand why Terri did that.

Consider yourselves hostages.


The Japanese national power is still developing.

I wonder what Emily bought me.

Don't yell at him.


I don't want them to see this.

Could you help Rabin pack his suitcase?

Bud and Shadow joined the group.

What'll I need?

Are things OK with you?

I'll come back for him.

There are several reasons.

Kelvin drank straight from the bottle.

His talk distracted her from grief.

Are you sure you don't want a little more spaghetti?

I wish I could've helped.

I have to go to Boston.

There is heavy traffic in this street.

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Show me a man who lives alone and has a perpetually clean kitchen, and eight times out of nine I'll show you a man with detestable spiritual qualities.

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Don't worry about whether or not you get the right answers.


Cyrus bought some bread.

Why did he stop smoking?

This picture got a lot of likes.

It is vain to argue with him.

Christofer arrived first.

She freshened herself up before supper.

This can't happen again.

The results are inconclusive.

I need to do some research.

We cannot overestimate her ability.

Vote for him.

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You can always pour out your heart to a good friend.

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No lost her purse.

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Nothing scares them.

I was offered the choice of tea or coffee.

Michael is lazy and spoiled.

His illness resulted from drinking too much.

I turned him down.

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He was absorbed in a computer game.

This would enable us to compete more effectively with other agencies.

The weather outlook for tomorrow is not good.

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"See there are the white bees swarming," said Kay's old grandmother one day when it was snowing.

You recognize him, don't you?

Go screw yourself!


You have to accustom yourself to the crowded trains in Tokyo.

We were all very hungry.

Suu sat right in front of me.

Mike tapped his foot nervously.

Grant refused treatment.

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I wasn't as helpful as I should've been.


Carolyn needs to finish school.


It seemed obvious to me that the plan needed a few revisions.

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I can't seem to reach Roberto.

They don't want to get out of bed.

I think I should've bought more food.

I cooled my heels for one hour outside his office.

Can he do it?

Amedeo bought a drone.

The service agent helped me solve my problem.

He completely failed to understand why she got angry.

No other girl in my class is prettier than Linda.

Who saw the funeral today?

I'll tell you all about it sometime.

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The monkey climbed up a tree.

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How did the luncheon go?

This lady is Indian.

All of the classmates waited for Takeshi.

Towns sprang up all along the railroad.

They lifted her above their heads.

Children were different from her.

The evil empire is furious.

Kerri is driving a Toyota.

I felt encouraged to hear what he said.

Show Brent the picture.

The cold was the worst in fifty years.

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She went out of the room in anger.

I've been working here since high school.

He is an evildoer, are you aware of that?

Rayan said he would do it.

Patricia is in satisfactory health.

The teacher reads the book.

I can get you in.

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The teacher emphasized the importance of education.


You had better chain up the dog so that he won't bite.

They condemned him for his cruelty to animals.

Where did you buy your car from?

We need to be very careful.

He is taller than his little brother.

You were busy, weren't you?

You know who I am.


We study English every day.

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He sat there surrounded by his children.

Young people are eager to go abroad.

Why was he laughing?

Yesterday I bought two steamed buns.

The pilot struggled to stabilize the airplane.


I got another message from Clarence today.

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I don't think we'll reach Boston before dark.


Butler is proud of his family.

I need to stretch my legs.

The roller coaster was really scary.

You must be a good walker to have walked all the way.

I don't know what you've heard.

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Let's have Heidi decide.

Today's Sergeant's birthday.

I was tired from doing my homework.

I should have told you everything earlier.

That sounds ominous.

Come on, we need to hurry.

If you care to, you may come with us.

I searched anxiously, but I found nothing.

Let's discuss your idea.

You don't want me to miss my bus, do you?

Everyone looked relieved.

It is a well-known fact that a bad woman seldom becomes better as she grows older, and Elsa's stepmother was no exception to the rule.

I totally agree with them.

Who came to see us in Birmingham?

I think Isidore looks better without makeup.


I was just being polite.

You must make your parents happy.

Muslims always pray facing toward Mecca.


Many a man has predicted it.

So you are back again.

Would you ask Nadeem to come here?